Dentist in Media, PA Shares Stages of Tooth Decay

Cavities, otherwise known as tooth decay, is caused by a breakdown in the harder substances of your tooth. This demineralization occurs because of the acids in the mouth that are caused by bacteria. This bacteria is found in plaque and leads to holes and pits inside your tooth’s enamel. Eventually, you’ll need professional treatment which requires the removal of decay and a filling. If left untreated, the decay destroys the entire tooth and surrounding parts of the mouth.
Stages of Tooth Decay
There are four stages of tooth decay you’ll want to be aware of:
Stage One – You might first notice a brown or white spot on your tooth’s surface. This is the first warning sign of decay. Simply taking better oral hygiene precautions could prevent this spot from turning into a cavity.
Stage Two – The decay makes its way through the enamel surface of the tooth. A quick trip to the dentist can alleviate any further decay.
Stage Three – Once the cavity has made its way through your tooth enamel, it attacks the softer layer referred to as dentin. As it progresses past the enamel, it works quickly at eating away the soft tissue. A trip to the dentist for a filling is a must at this point.
Stage Four – If the cavity remains untreated, it goes deep into the pulp eventually affecting the tooth’s nerve. At this point, root canal treatment or extraction is the only solution. 
The earlier you seek out treatment for decay, the better your chances are of simply needing some fluoride or a small filling.
Preventing Cavities
Follow these steps to prevent cavities in your mouth:
Stay away from drinks or foods that are high in sugar.
Use fluoride toothpaste and rinses to strengthen the enamel of your teeth.
Brush twice daily.
Floss once daily.
Avoid tobacco usage.
Visit your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups.
You have the power to reduce the existence of cavities within your mouth. Start with good oral hygiene practices and then speak to your dentist about other options that will keep your teeth healthy and strong.
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